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Thin cardboard box with a window. Simple, neat and smart. Suitable for packing glasses and small souvenirs.

Thick cardboard parcel box. Necessary for transporting fragile items.

Bubble wrap package. Protects from moisture and friction, requires caution during transporting.

100 RUR

Packaging paper. Traditional gift decoration. Different colours and patterns of paper available.

"Photo box" packaging. Beautiful thin cardboard packaging, одевается на готовую коробочку с подарком.

200 RUR

The buyer's picture and message of choice An analogue of the previous option, made according to your vision. Send your own picture (jpg, png, gif) and the text you want to see on the box to help give the present individuality.

400 RUR

A gift box For a festive occasion which requires a beautiful packaging.

200 RUR

Packaging for mail. You pay for the materials, including bubble wrap, a styrofoam box and additional wrapping to prevent any damage to your gift.

The shipping costs are described here.
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